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This Website and all its applications is a platform for ONLINE SERVICES
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The current owner of this Site is:

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By using this Site and the goods and services offered or by using any other service or by registering and becoming a member of this Site, you express your consent and agree to the terms of use set forth below. If you do not agree with all these terms, please do not register and do not use it.

I - The nature of this Site

1. This Site provides a platform for its users to provide the opportunity to extract written content (through this Site) from other media or other websites, for a fee.

2. All content extracted remains the property of the operators of the sites from which it was extracted.

3. The user declares that it has the right to manipulate the contents extracted.

5. The user The user has no right to publish the extracted data elsewhere unless expressly authorised by the content owner and “contentxtractor”.

II – Updates and revisions of our Terms of Use

This Site may review and update its Terms of Use at any time, including without notice, by posting such revised Terms of Use on this Site. Any such amendment shall enter into force after the publication of such revisions or updates. Users are required to periodically check our Terms of Use for any changes. Your continued use of this Site or any of its services implies your acceptance of such changes.

III – Access to the Site - Registration

1. To access this Site or the content that it provides, you must register and provide your information (first name, last name, email address, etc.) and other information.

2. After registering, please check your e-mail address.

3. Registration data and other information must be truthful, up to date and complete. In the event of non-compliance, you will have the unconditional right to refuse any further access to this Site or any of its contents or services, and to suspend or terminate your access or membership at any time.

4. It is at the discretion of the Site owners to accept any request to become part of the authors.

5. The cancellation from the Site or from the e-mails that the Site will send, to notify new articles, changes or any other information for collaboration, must be managed independently from the user who signs up.

The user may request the closure of the account and modify the communication options that contentxtractor will send to the user at any time by sending a request to: [email protected]

Those who subscribe to the Site must be aware that, by registering, authorizes the Company to proceed, where necessary, also to its cancellation as a user and to stop sending newsletters or communications.

IV – No unauthorized copying of the contents of this Site is allowed

It is forbidden to reproduce any of the contents that may be downloaded from the Site.

V – Access to the Site

The user acknowledges that access to this Site can only take place through an internet connection, the relationship and the costs of the service in question are therefore borne by him.

VI – Username and password

Username and password provided for registration will remain the sole and exclusive property of the Site and the accepted registration may be revoked.

The Site is committed to keeping your username and password confidential. The information for privacy are managed by the owners of the Site, in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03).

VII – Copyright and Trademark Protection

1. Copyright protection

All works, including content, on this Site, in particular all literary, pictorial and graphic works, photographs, images, audio and video clips, audiovisual works, music, icons, streaming files and other data, animation or graphics, or any form of file-software, object code or source code format belong to the owners of this Site or the content providers and are protected by national and international copyright laws. The above copyright protection also applies to the compilation or all forms of alteration of the contents of this Site. Anyone who infringes this copyright will be prosecuted with the maximum penalty applicable.

2. Brand protection

All logos and other trademarks and service marks on this Site may be protected by national and international laws and service mark laws. These trademarks and service marks may not be used publicly without the express written permission of the owner. You shall not do anything that would cause confusion among consumers with respect to the trademarks and service marks referred to above.

VIII – Disclaimer of Warranty

Use of this Site and the materials contained therein are provided as is, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, quality, fitness, truth, accuracy or completeness.

You agree that your use of the Site and the content on the Site is at your own risk. The Site cannot be held responsible for connection problems that slow down or prevent the transmission or download of articles or multimedia content.

The Site does not guarantee uninterrupted, timely, secure service, or that any errors or problems will be resolved.

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any problems with your computer or damage that may occur while using this Site.

IX – Limitation of Liability

1. In no way will this Site or any of its employees, members, officers, directors, officers, employees, affiliates, agents and assigns be liable to you:

direct, indirect, moral damages, including, without limitation, damages for loss of goodwill, business interruption, loss of programs, information resulting from the impossibility of using this Site, materials, information and data contained therein

claims for damages for errors, omissions or inaccuracies on this Site or on information, articles and materials of any kind downloaded or retrieved therefrom. As it is impossible to limit liability for incidental or consequential damages in some countries, it must be considered a limitation of liability in the broadest sense of applicable law.

2. This Site is just a platform. Each user registered on/with this Site is solely responsible for his/her profile and the operations performed by him/her. Explicitly we want to emphasize that the user must always be aware of and comply with the rules in force primarily in Italy, but also in countries in which the authors have citizenship.

3. This Site, its members, officers, directors, employees, affiliates, agents and assigns are not in any way responsible for any data downloaded by you.

4. This Site, its members, officers, directors, employees, affiliates, agents and assigns are not in any way responsible for the services provided by third parties on the Site.

X – Indemnity

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Site, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, contractors, telecommunication providers and agents, from and against any claims or liabilities and other costs, including but not limited to, without limitation, attorneys' fees and accounting fees, reasonably incurred in the defense of any claim or action arising out of or otherwise related to such services, including, without limitation, any breach by you of these Terms of Use.

This Site will promptly notify you by e-mail of such claim or cause of action, in order to cooperate fully, at your expense, in the defense of such claim or cause of action. This Site may participate in such claim or defense at its own expense and choose its attorney or other legal counsel, but is not forced or required to do so.

XI – Force majeure

This Site shall not be liable for any failure to perform due to unforeseen circumstances or other causes beyond the reasonable control of this Site, including but not limited to:

force majeure, such as fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tropical storm or other natural disaster;

wars, riots, arson, embargoes, acts of civil or military authority, or terrorism;

cuts of fibres;

strikes, or shortages in transport, services, fuel, energy, labour or materials;

bankruptcy of the connection and telecommunications provider or of the information infrastructure services;

hacking, SPAM, or any failure of a server, computer or software.

XII – Relations or partnership

Nothing in these terms of service shall be construed as a partnership, employment, joint venture or formal business entity of any kind between Users and the owner of this Site. The rights and obligations of the parties are limited to those expressly stated.

XIII – Termination of service Without prejudice to recourse to other measures

This Site may issue a reprimand to a user or suspend his or her access to the Site at any time, with or without notice or permission, if:

considers that you have violated any of the provisions of these Terms of Use;

it is not possible to verify or authenticate the information provided by the user;

decides to block the functioning of the Website or part of it.

You agree and acknowledge that neither this Site nor any third party acting on its behalf is responsible for the termination of your membership or access to the Site. After the forced termination, a new registration to the Site by the same user is strictly prohibited. This Site and its affiliates disclaim any liability arising from fraudulent entry for the use thereof. In the event of fraud, all necessary actions under federal, state and international law will be taken.


Any notice of the Terms of Use may be given by e-mail ([email protected]), with direct communication to the Site. The sender's data will be deducted from the e-mail or other electronic messages, unless otherwise specified.